Welcome to Hotel Volterra In !


Here is some useful information for your stay:

– Wi-Fi
Name: VolterraIN
Password: Guest2022
It is the same in all areas.

Check Out is from 8 to 10.30; after this time there is a surcharge. You can leave your luggage at the Hall, in case of early check out we ask you to inform us at least the day before departure to make the payment on time.

– If you need the tax Invoice instead of the tax receipt, it must be requested the day before departure.


Breakfast is served on the ground floor from 8 to 10
Choose your shift at Reception: 8.00 – 8.30 – 9.00 – 9.30
Breakfast is continental and has a wide variety of sweet and savory and gluten-free, lactose-free foods on request. If you have preferences let us know in time and we will try to accommodate you in the best possible way.

– Access to the structure can take place in three different ways: with keys (the one for the door has a round head); by link and/or code that we will send privately. Remember not to close the room door twice with the key otherwise the system will not work!
Please always close the door once you leave/re-enter.

For anything we are always available on +39 0588 86820 or +39 3483866147 or by pressing the 999 key on the telephone in the room.

Perfume, I don’t smoke

– Our rooms are sanitized daily, perfumed and equipped with a fire alarm, smoking is prohibited in all areas.


Perfect temperature

– The air conditioning and heating are automatically set to the best possible temperature, if you want different settings, please let the reception know. We ask you NOT to keep the windows open with the air conditioning on and not to change the default settings.

Not just simple TV

– The TV has SKY channels! To turn on the TV, press TV and then power key. To turn on the Sky decoder, press “SKY” and then the power key. To switch to Sky channels, press the source button and select the HDMI1 or HDMI2 input, press it again and choose TV to return to the aerial channels.
Sky Remote Instructions:
If you wish to access the functions of the SMART TV (Netflix, Youtube or other Apps), ask for the remote control at Reception.
Download the list of Sky Channel: click here.

Let’s save the planet

– If you want to use the towels again, leave them hanging, if we find them on the floor it means we have to change them!
Our soaps are completely of natural origin, the paper and recycled plastic packaging!
The rooms are cleaned, sanitized and towels replaced every day until 12 pm, if you do not wish to do so, please simply hang the sign on the handle outside the door.

[The management requests the Clients not to leave objects unattended in the rooms. Liability is limited.]

Emergency numbers in Italy:
Carabinieri: 112
Firefighters: 115
Medical Aid: 118

If you are having a good stay, talk about us, otherwise talk to us!
Anna and Giulia are at your disposal!

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  • Hotel Volterra in

    La nostra struttura si trova nel cuore di Volterra, una città ricca di storia e tradizioni dove gli Etruschi hanno lasciato un segno indelebile. Anche per gli amanti della natura le zone circostanti offrono tantissime possibilità.

    Via Porta all’Arco 37/41
    56048 – Volterra (Pisa)
    Tel. +39 0588 86820
    Fax +39 0588 90428
    Email info@hotelvolterrain.it
    P.IVA 02138440504

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